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Change Your Life

£55 per session or £200 for block purchase of 4 sessions

One to one counselling session

Weekly or fortnightly counselling sessions of 50 minutes (45 mins for younger children) to explore a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, neurodiversity, self-esteem, self-harm, loss, identity, abuse and discrimination.

Creative approach beyond traditional talking therapy for children.

Discounts offered for schools, families supported by the local authority and those unable to afford standard rates - please enquire.

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£25-£40 professional report

Reports for schools & other professionals

When working with children and young people, I am able to contribute to Team Around the Family plans and applications for EHCPs by providing reports of our work together and my recommendations.

I cannot provide any diagnosis of additional needs or mental health conditions.

Reports can be provided when we have completed a minimum of 6 sessions together.

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Various - please contact


At Freebird Counselling South Devon I am able to offer training to counsellors, schools and students.

My training offer is under development - please contact me if you have specific requirements.

I currently offer training for counsellors in working with SEND through KRD training, and safeguarding training for counsellors working with children in Devon.

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